Who is this artist? When do you call an artist an ‘artist’? What is important in art? And where does the art starts? Capturing the artist as a human, a portrait of a man/woman, trapped in his/her own head, creating and producing new work. Killing your darlings. Thinking and overthinking. A fragment of the imagination.

I am capturing this moment of one’s live. Not only the atelier of the artist, but also the atelier of the human behind it. A person, with a story. Events occuring spontanously. Stories being told, trying to define this archetype. What is his/her perspective, or goal? And how does this translate to the world?

Product Photography

Working together with artists, creates a very special bubble. We motivate and inspire each other.

We work at your home/atelier, we can use fixed light and macro lenses to define your product precisely. The whole process of the photoshooting is as important as the final images. We can unfold your personal creative story.

Contact me for more info.

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