I am fascinated by the human body, and the stories it beholds.

Movement and silence, dark and light, contrasts that come together and being translated into an image. 

I lay myself down on a blank canvas, playing the narrative voice of your story, of your painting you are about to colour. Your portrait, it can be sketch or a mural, with shades or only lines. This is your choice. 

Through working with the limitations/capacities of the body, we can express our stories. 

With a Master of Fine Art (Brussels), I am continuing to develop my skills in portraiting people, through visual and performing arts. 

Teaching and learning as a dancer myself, improvisation and intuition are key elements during a photoshoot.

I am a passionated rock climber, and love placing myself in a deeper contact with the elements of nature and spending time outdoors. Photography mainly happens with natural light, on natural conditions. Expect the unexpected, little photo wonders are always around the corner. 


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where do you shoot?

I love shooting outdoors, make connection with the elements of nature.

It can be your trusted environment, or a themed location. Working with natural light, gives me space to improvise together with you, the customer.

I do as well photograph indoors, where we can work with two fixed studio lights for the best grades of shade.

With what do you shoot

I work with a digital full frame camera, Canon 5D mark II.

I love my 50mm macro lens, and portraits are perfect with my 85mm lens f1,8.

Analogue photography is my first love, experimental possibilities are open for this technique as well.

What are your rates?

I work with personal stories. Every story takes it's own tempo and pace.

Please contact me for more info.

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