La Vida Misma

An artistic project about women empowering other women.

A free wild woman.

Finding her connection and her balance, through inner strength, the capacitiy to adapt and to reinvent. Through pure feminity, flexbility and open awareness.

Not to be shy, not to be left behind, not to be underestimated. 

Girls and women, of all age, size and body type are strong and confident, and capable to grow.

A free wild woman, not running away, but instead finding her own way, her inner truth. 

Following her own heart and desires.

“La vida misma” is created by 3 women who found connection and creativity through climbing and living their life differently. 

A project still growing and evolving.

Show beauty, stand up for yourself and for your own approach. The diversity in climbing can be translated through art: by visualisation we want to express our sensuality and softness.

Step away from the goal orientated purpose. 

Climbing a route, a project, resolves in the moment: the send and the grade.

With our project we want to be here, in the present, in the moment of raw emotions, in “life itself”. 

Connect with your inner wild woman, be free of the goal, of the expectations, of the fear of falling and not sending.

Photography fuses with art and climbing: a representation of this intimate moment with Mara, showing all her personal emotions and digging deep into her inner self. The visual aspects in which she is presented (make up, clothes: atypical from popular climbing pictures) transfroms her into the warrior she is.

A different approach, a different way of trying the route, playful and relaxed. 

Go for it and letting go, not holding back.

The photo’s are the end product, the video shows the process.

The story of photographing women who climb continues!

Throughout the passed years, I have been blessed by meeting a few inspiring female athletes and alpinists.

Proud to present you a small portfolio of all these bold and strong girls, each of them passionated by the mountains in one way or another…

I am looking for women passionated with their sport!

You want to tell your personal story and translate it into pictures? 

Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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