What does ‘skin’ mean for you? How does it feel like, living in this shell of yours? Our skin: the biggest organ, we breath with it, we sweat in it. We touch, we get touched.

It can be ripped apart, leaving marks we call scars.
It absorbs and separates.
It connects and also abuses.
The skin tells a story, marked by tracks telling secrets about our past.
As a snake sheds it’s skin, it renews it’s body by a fresh peel.

This project can be about transformation, to renew your skin, to rebirth your body. A process that gives us a symbolic fresh start.

Trough a ritual you give meaning to this process of transformation. A photo can give a meaning to this ritual, presenting a documentation of your process.

Memories that lay down on your skin-canvas.

The skin absorbs and seperates, it connects and defends.

I am interested in collecting all these different memories,transformations and adventures.

From all these different bodies. Honoring wat was or what will be.

As every story evolves, so does this project, capturing different witnesses and translate them in to a picture.

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